Tips to give your Biyeta profile the edge

When you open an account on a matrimonial site such as, it is important to do the following things to give your profile the edge in the hunt for matches:

  1. Give full, detailed information: It is vital to give detailed information. Giving full and detailed information increases the credibility of your profile. It makes it more likely that someone of the opposite gender will click on your profile and send you a bio-data request and communication request.
  2. Give clear, proper photos: This is a crucial part. It is imperative to keep in mind that a photo is of prime importance in a matchmaking or matrimonial site. If you give a photo that properly shows your face, it will serve as a starting point for the opposite gender to get a good idea of you. As there is option to give multiple photos, try to give photos that show your overall appearance and physical structure.
  3. Give full address and job information: Oftentimes, people tend to give short addresses. This is a very big issue. A matrimonial site aims to bring candidates of marriage closer together. In such a scenario, one should always give his/her full address. That way, if someone is interested about a person, he/she will be able to enquire further about the latter’s whereabouts. Additionally, this increases the chance of meetups to discuss possible marriage. Job information is also vital because many tend to marry based on jobs of the people of the opposite gender.
  4. Verify your email and Facebook account: Verifying email and Facebook account on Biyeta is a good idea. Let us illustrate with an example: Suppose you are a man and you have opened an account at If you verify your Facebook and email account on Biyeta, when possible female matches visit your profile, they will see that your account on Biyeta is Facebook and email verified. On the other hand, if you do not verify your Facebook account and email account, when a female match visits your profile, she will see that your account is not Facebook and email verified. Thus, having your Biyeta account Facebook and email verified increases the credibility of your profile to the opposite gender.

If you are an eligible bachelor or bachelorette, open an account at Biyeta.

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