How to get out of a bad relationship

We are all humans. We get into relationships and get out of them too. That is how we function. There may have been times when you got into a relationship that turned sour. Or perhaps you’re in one which is not going the way you want and it seems it never will. How should you get out of such a relationship? Here are some helpful pieces of advice:

Understand the issue

Understanding the problem at hand is of the first order. Why is the relationship not going the way you want? Is it a simple misunderstanding? Or is it because you don’t really love each other? Is it simply a one-time thing? Or has this issue been going on forever and ever? If the issue is severe and you understand that you and your partner do not suit each other emotionally, both of you might be better off breaking up.

Do not wait too long

Often, whenever you are going through a bad relationship, you may fall victim to the thought that time will cure everything. You may think that the passage of days will heal and solve your relationship. But that is not always the case. Sometimes a bad relationship is just that: a bad relationship. So don’t put off ending your relationship if you think it will not lead to a happy and fulfilling future.

Learn to let go

Our lives are constant choices of holding on and letting go. While holding on is important, sometimes letting go is even more important. Don’t perpetuate a bad relationship just to avoid hurting the other person. You may actually hurt that person more if you drag it out and leave at a later time. If you are in a relationship with someone who you KNOW is incompatible with you, let go now. It will save you time and drama. 

Accept the pain

How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship | Biyeta

Ending a relationship is not a pleasant affair. Even if you were miserable during the relationship, it can be difficult to let go of someone you had been with for a considerable period of time. It might cause you to cry and it might cause you depression and heartache. Memories might flood you every now and then. Accept it. It is part of the process. Know that sometimes you have to accept unpleasantness in the short term for better results in the long run.

Love yourself

Take care of your mind and your body. Exercise regularly. Eat properly. Learn to appreciate yourself and the life you have been given. Your relationship does not define you. Only you yourself do. So seek to develop yourself. It will not only take your mind off a breakup but also help you in getting into better, more meaningful relationship in the future.

Develop healthy habits

Even after breaking up with someone, it can be difficult to forget that person completely. Hence, it is important to develop some wholesome habits. When you feel lonely, instead of calling your ex, call your friends and go out and watch a movie. Watch a TV series. Go to a seminar and learn new things. Watch Do-It-Yourself YouTube videos to acquire new skills. Above all, develop a routine that makes you use your spare time wisely.

Do not settle

Often we hang around a relationship simply because we think we won’t get one any better. But that is a fatalistic view. While there is no knowing what the future will bring, you should never let fear force you to stay in an unhealthy relationship. It is the height of idiocy to settle for someone you don’t really like (or someone who doesn’t like you) only because you think you won’t get another person. Strike that fear from thought! Learn to live with hope and optimism. Remember the quote from Shawshank Redemption: “…hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

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